All Fact No Fiction

All Fact No Fiction

News, Tuesday, July 09th, 2019

All Fact No Fiction 


In the era of #FakeNews, it is increasingly difficult to separate fact from fiction…and Facebook opinion, from reality.


We appreciate that part of modern life involves being bombarded with information, so to assist those who either don’t have the time or want to read the detail…below is a quick read, two-minute synopsis of all you need to know about the BA pay offer.

Is it the same deal for all? 

Yes, it is an offer to Unite and covers everyone that Unite has pay bargaining rights for throughout BA. Engineers, Cabin crew, Ground support services, office and Terminal staff and the offer is the same for everyone but obviously does not include areas that have already received their pay award for 2019).


Is the pay offer a good one?

Absolutely YES. Is it perfect? Of course not. No pay offer ever is, everyone would like to be paid more! But it is the highest value pay award ever achieved by unions at British Airways and has secured an additional £200 million in increased earnings for everyone.  It is industry leading and one of the best pay awards secured by Unite throughout industry. Don’t forget – any rise in your basic salary also has a positive effect on your company pension. 


The minimum pay offer anyone will receive over the next 2 years and 6 months is £2,800.  


The offer is £750 plus 4% plus 3.5% plus 4% – to give context here are our previous pay awards, some of which were linked to productivity. This deal is not. 















I’m on low pay how do I benefit? 

We negotiated a £750 additional bonus payment due to be paid at end of August 2019. By paying this as a fixed amount rather than a percentage, it is effectively worth more to lower paid Unite members in terms of a percentage of pay. It also goes some way to address what was seen as a low bonus in a year of record profit. 


There are no strings to this, no productivity required. 


You will simply receive an extra £750 (pro-rated for part time) in your August pay, along with your backdated basic pay to January or February 2019 (depending on your area) – No strings attached. 


We have also secured an “underpin” or minimum increase within the basic pay deal, this will ensure that the absolute minimum a lower paid full time member will achieve over the 3 year period is £2800. 

(£750 one off payment, £700 year 1 underpin, £650 year 2 underpin and £700 year 3 underpin)


Do I need to worry about Gain Share? 

No. This is a TU initiative which has been used successfully by BALPA for over a decade. It can ensure that future cost savings benefit the affected area, not just BA. 


Pilots have earned an additional bonus of around £2,000 per year in gain share bonuses over the last ten years.  That is an additional £18,000 in earnings. Until now, no other staff group have been able to benefit from such a scheme, now you can and it’s available to everyone if they opt to instigate it. It does not create any obligation for change, but it establishes the principle of putting a cost on change – and sharing those savings with colleagues, IF only WE agree to do so. 


Two examples to help your understanding of how gain share could work; in 2009 BA had the “fight for survival” and cabin crew had to save £78 million, the rest is history. Pilots had to save £24 million, but then subsequently received up to £12 million pounds back each year, in the form of a cash bonus. 

BMI were integrated into BA mainline, again pilots received £14 million back in additional bonuses for this, for a similar exercise cabin crew received, zero. 


Has it ever been so hard for the Union to give away free money with no strings attached?

Honest answer? No!

People have become so sceptical of anything BA say, they are suspicious even when there is no need and BA are actually giving them free money!


But there is a lot of social media negativity?


There is always negativity on social media, and you must make a choice of whether you wish to believe every extreme opinion or hidden agenda that is expressed or not. Facebook chatter isn’t necessarily based on fact and it certainly won’t pay your bills or pick up the pieces if it all goes wrong. Your union however, will,  and is responsible for the advice we give, which is why Unite is recommending this as a good deal and their best advice is to accept it.


But what about Mixed fleet CSM’s, I understand they aren’t happy?


Unite does not have pay bargaining rights for Mixed Fleet CSM’s, they are classed as management grade staff and subject to the conditions (along with other managers) of the management NSP. This means BA have maintained they cannot be a part of this pay offer and they have already received their pay increase and bonus for 2019.

However, moving forward, Unite have successfully negotiated a potential change that could be a benefit to operational management grades. BA will if agreed create a new collective bargaining group for them, which will enable them to discuss their own pay. This has been a long time aim for such colleagues and a potential positive step forward.

To repeat, Unite does not have pay bargaining rights for management grades, and management have already received their pay award and bonus based on personal performance earlier this year and BA state they cannot be included in this deal. 


What’s this £750 bonus all about again?

It’s exactly that, an extra £750 bonus payment, paid equally, everyone gets the same, paid to you in your August pay, no strings attached. Negotiated by your union and is in addition to any other bonus scheme. (Pro-rated for part time workers which is the norm) 


All Colleague Bonus, what’s changed?

This is a BA scheme and is run at their discretion. However, the amount paid and the triggers for it being paid are higher and lower respectively. Easier to achieve more. It’s not perfect – but better than it was. 


Do I have to accept this offer? 

No, you can reject it and that is your choice to do so. If the deal is rejected, BA have already stated this is their final offer and so Unite would issue a strike ballot. It is therefore likely that you would need to take strike action, to try and secure an improved offer. Obviously, the outcome of such action is unknown and is one of the many reasons why Unite is recommending you accept the offer.


What is the latest on BALPA? 

BALPA met with BA (without the other unions being made aware of the meeting) and discussed an offer (for pilots only) to avoid them issuing a strike ballot. 


The pay increase was acceptable to BALPA but the bonus scheme(s) parameters were not, and no agreement could be reached with BA. This included continuing the additional Pilot-only Bonus scheme, something that neither Unite nor GMB could accept.

BALPA subsequently issued an industrial action ballot and BA withdrew all current offers on pay to BALPA. 

BALPA are at ACAS this week to meet with BA.

Unite (and GMB) have insisted that this offer remains open to BALPA to assist them in finding resolution. 


…That’s it, two minutes of your time (OK maybe three minutes!) Less time than it takes to drink a cup of coffee,  but which could make you a minimum of £2,800 better off just by reading it and then voting. How often does that happen in life! 


Joking aside, please DO use your vote wisely. Everyone enjoys sticking two fingers up to BA from time to time, but the moment for a No protest vote has long passed. We are at the business end of this process and rejection will mean a strike ballot,  followed by strike action and all the consequences that come with that. Fact. 


Thank you for taking the time to read this message and if you haven’t already received your electronic or paper ballot please contact your local Unite representatives’ office.

Your local office email is: