Asset Protection Crew Searches

Asset Protection Crew Searches

News, Saturday, April 27th, 2019

Please be aware of the Crew Checks Procedure devised to ensure compliance with the Crew Purchase Scheme. This procedure is for when Asset Protection conduct a search. 

– The Captain and SCCM are the management representatives of BA throughout the procedure

– Checks will be made as soon as practicable after clearance of Customs & Immigration. Checks will be made as far away from public areas as possible. Checks will not be made at Crew hotels. 

– You cannot refuse to be checked. 

– The Captain and SCCM must be checked first, followed by the rest of the crew with the Captain and SCCM present. 

– Body searches are NOT permitted. Crew cannot be compelled to submit to a body search or remove items of clothing other than outer coats and jackets. 

If you experience any deviation from the above procedure please inform us as soon as possible.