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  • CSL And Crew Rest Seat Reduction on 777M Aircraft Failure To Agree
    Date: 18 Oct 2019

    Most Worldwide crew will by now will have read the CC News article that introduces the 777M variant.The main headlines are that First has been reduced to 8 seats, an increase of one seat in Club to 49 with the introduction of the new Club Suite,  and 4 seats abreast in World Traveller.What you may not

  • Reminder – Social Media
    Date: 08 Aug 2019

    It’s been a challenging week to say the least for many of us working at BA. You’ll note we use the word “challenging” when there is no doubt that a more robust word or two could be used instead.  However we urge our members to remain aware of our employer’s social media guidelines. No matter

  • Pension and Your Bonus Payment
    Date: 06 Aug 2019

    The 2019-2021 Pay Deal contains a one-off payment of 1% of Basic Salary, under-pinned at £750.  This therefore applies to all cabin crew and will be included in the August 2019 payroll. It is a pro-rated amount for those working part time.    If you wish this payment to be paid together with your normal

  • Pay – Facts Figures & Opt Outs
    Date: 06 Aug 2019

    Pay – Facts Figures & Opt Outs     Above – votes from BASSA members only. Total votes received 6763. Yes – 5843. No – 920.  For those who enjoy knowing the specifics behind any ballot result, please find below the Scrutineers’ report for the Unite pay ballot. For direct comparison, the figures showing the results of the

  • Pay Ballot – What Happens Next?
    Date: 23 Jul 2019

    When does the Pay ballot close? Each Unite area within BA has opted for either an electronic ballot or a local paper ballot. For those areas included in the main electronic ballot, this closes on Monday 22ndJuly at noon. For those with a paper ballot system this closes on 28thJuly, also at noon.The two results will be added,

  • What’s All This About A Pay Deal? *
    Date: 11 Jul 2019

    A large number of members have already voted in the consultative ballot. Quite a few of you have not got round to it yet –  so PLEASE do take a moment to have YOUR SAY.    Your pay ballot was sent to you by email last Monday from If you cannot find it just have

  • BALPA Press Release
    Date: 09 Jul 2019

    BALPA Press Release      BA has met both with the  pilot reps and the BALPA General Secretary at ACAS and this evening issued the press release below. Unfortunately, no progress has been made and this press release simply reaffirms BA’s position on pay, that this offer is their final offer and the issuance of a strike

  • All Fact No Fiction
    Date: 09 Jul 2019

    All Fact No Fiction    9/7/19 In the era of #FakeNews, it is increasingly difficult to separate fact from fiction…and Facebook opinion, from reality.   We appreciate that part of modern life involves being bombarded with information, so to assist those who either don’t have the time or want to read the detail…below is a quick read, two-minute

  • Your Pay Offer – Time To Decide
    Date: 08 Jul 2019

    Your Pay Offer – It’s Time To Decide      Date      Pay Offer – It’s Time To Decide   This pay offer has taken many months of negotiation. It has been far from easy and was not BA’s first offer. In fact, we have already rejected four previous offers since Unite submitted our joint pay claim

  • Unite Notification of Consultative Ballot
    Date: 07 Jul 2019

    Unite Notification of Consultative Ballot      As a member of Unite, you will shortly be receiving your ballot to vote on the 2019-2021 Pay Offer from British Airways.  Last Friday the Unite Pay Committee met to endorse the pay offer and it is supported by the following areas:  BASSA cabin crew  GSS Contact Centres