CEO/NEO Breaks (EF)

CEO/NEO Breaks (EF)

Eurofleet, Friday, April 19th, 2019

Over the last few days BASSA has been made aware of a lively thread on Facebook about the CEO/NEO aircraft and the need for in-flight rest breaks on arduous flights.

On the various Facebook posts it was stated that BASSA ‘did not care’, had been ‘silent’ on the matter and ‘don’t fight for Eurofleet crew.’

These statements are simply not true.

All of your Eurofleet reps fly with you, and we are only too familiar with the cramped, claustrophobic conditions of the CEO/NEO.

Unfortunately, the unpalatable FACT is that the NEO & CEO are legal aircraft and are utilised by many other operators. Our complaints over the aircraft layout isn’t likely to achieve anything in the near future.

Does that mean ‘it is what it is’ and we just need to get on with it?

Actually no, however as a member led Union, we need your feedback.

Even after all the emotive Facebook posts this week, up until yesterday, we had not received any new emails/reports. 

The simple reality is that we desperately need you to report, via AIR and CITA, the shortcomings of this aircraft and how they impact on you and our customers. Please copy us in to or if it’s Health & Safety use A rant on Facebook feels good, but actually achieves very little.

On the subject of Inflight breaks.

The Eurofleet 2004 Industrial Agreements state:

“In any duty period of 8 hours or more (including any combination of duties), where a planned meal break has not been achieved (1hr 15mins chocks-chocks), the duty time will be extended by 30 minutes which is for all purposes.”

We have long  resisted any formal meal break in return for relinquishing our valued extended clear time. This extended clear time has many advantages: 

(i) In some cases it will trigger a dinner allowance for those on meal allowances, and an extra 30 minutes for our members on Elapsed Hourly Rate

(ii) It will sometimes lead to achieving 15/18hrs rest.

(iii) It adds to your duty hours for the week.

Therefore if BASSA were to negotiate an ‘inflight’ meal break, this agreement would be gone. This is not an opinion; it is a FACT. 

One adjustment can have a detrimental effect on a number of other cherished agreements. That’s why any changes your Reps suggest are carefully analysed, tested and most importantly voted on by you before implementation. 

Ultimately, it will be BASSA members that will decide if that is the route they wish to go down. If it is your mandate to attempt to discuss a formal on-board break procedure that doesn’t currently sit within our agreements, you should be aware that we may have to choose between a new procedure that will have intrinsic weaknesses to ensure 100% compliance,  instead of a current clear policy that does not rely on variable factors. 

Whilst Facebook (and Yammer) serve a purpose of a pressure relief valve, it would be remiss if BASSA failed to remind members that it is essential, first and foremost, to adhere to the company’s social media guidelines. This doesn’t mean you cannot debate…it just means to do so respectfully and within these guidelines. No social media site is truly private or secure as you never know who is sharing those posts, and with whom. 

Failure to adhere to these guidelines could end up with members being placed into disciplinary procedures by the company. 

Finally, interestingly we did notice some of the most vociferous contributors demanding action and recognition, went “missing in action” in 2010. Now whilst that was 9 years ago, history reminds us that when the chips are down, these people will be nowhere to be seen when their action is required.

As for the non members – They are safe in the knowledge that you, our payingUnion members,  provide the leverage to keep their pay and terms and conditions protected. Non members enjoy by-passing your elected representatives with a direct approach to the company. The company know full well however, that any substantive changes to our agreements must be negotiated by US and voted on by YOU.  That is our collective strength.