Hats Off

Hats Off

Latest News, Sunday, July 23rd, 2017

MF dispute latest- Here’s what we know.

The dispute looks set to continue into next month, unless a breakthrough can be achieved.

The dispute centres around the sanctions (loss of travel and bonuses) unjustly applied against those who took action in the first round of the dispute over pay and something of a Mexican standoff continues as there have been no discussions since the action was announced.

BASSA and BASSA members have provided strong solidarity to the action both financially and by adhering strictly to our agreements. No Alleviations which would assist BA have been given and BASSA members have worked within their agreements. Rest day working has also been strongly discouraged.

A very small amount of work transfer has been carried but this is strictly within our agreements. Regrettably under current stringent anti-union laws, members at Heathrow and Gatwick cannot refuse such a duty nor can BASSA or The Gatwick Union instruct members not to do so. It would expose members to breach of contract by refusing to operate and the Union would be sequestered for huge damages for any operational disruption suffered by BA. Fortunately, because of the low numbers involved it is not having a critical impact upon the success or otherwise of the dispute.

Unite through the General secretary and with the full support of the Executive Council, has provided double strike pay for every single day and to every single member who has taken such action during the dispute. This support has hopefully given them the confidence and security to bravely continue with their fight against injustice.

The wider union family has also shown what being in a union means by kindly providing financial solidarity, donating tens of thousands of pounds to support those involved.

Matt Smith who started the dispute as joint officer for ourselves and Mixed fleet was able to be freed from his responsibility for BASSA to enable (quite rightly) his full focus to be on prosecuting the dispute on their behalf.

Unite appear to have now adopted a different approach to try and resolve this long running dispute and Matt has moved back into the print section of Unite, where he has tremendous experience and the continuance of the dispute will now be led by senior officer Wayne King.

We wish Matt well and thank him for both his loyal support of BASSA over the years and his welcome good humour through some difficult times and for perhaps his greatest achievement in undeniably putting Mixed Fleet on the industrial map!

We will of course continue to offer both MFU and Wayne our full support in every way possible until a successful resolution is achieved.