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  • Crew Baggage Clarification
    Date: 07 May 2019

    In the our recent email “Cabin Crew Baggage” we highlighted the importance of not exceeding a suitcase weight of 23kg.  Some members have pointed out that the maximum weight permitted is actually 25kg (OMA 8.4.4.g)  Some years ago Unite introduced a voluntary practice of a maximum weight of 23kg to protect the health and safety

  • What Your Colleagues Are Saying About Eurofleet
    Date: 06 May 2019

    Last week saw the transfer list for Worldwide to Eurofleet re-open in accordance with the Settlement Agreement. There has been a lively discussion on Facebook about life on Eurofleet, both good and bad..but overall the comments are pretty positive whether from ex Eurofleet crew now on Worldwide, or current Eurofleet crew. It seems like quite a

  • Main Crew Opportunity to Transfer to Eurofleet
    Date: 06 May 2019

    Our recent communication about an opportunity for main crew to transfer to Eurofleet has seen a lot of interest and speculation on Facebook. Thank you also to the members that have taken the time to come and speak to Eurofleet Reps in the T5 Office. We thought it would be helpful to interview two ex Worldwide

  • Crew Baggage
    Date: 30 Apr 2019

    A reminder:  As we are experiencing issues with crew baggage downroute at certain destinations, it would be fair and reasonable to expect that as crew we don’t exceed the allowable weight of 23 kg. We are asking the drivers to do their job, which apart from a few hiccups, are satisfactory. So we are politely reminding

  • Asset Protection Crew Searches
    Date: 27 Apr 2019

    Please be aware of the Crew Checks Procedure devised to ensure compliance with the Crew Purchase Scheme. This procedure is for when Asset Protection conduct a search.  – The Captain and SCCM are the management representatives of BA throughout the procedure – Checks will be made as soon as practicable after clearance of Customs &

  • Worldwide to Eurofleet Transfer Opportunity (Main Crew)
    Date: 24 Apr 2019

    After requests from BASSA, British Airways have opened a new transfer list from Worldwide to Eurofleet. Please check your BA inbox. It is important for this to be opened as it is part of the 2011 Settlement Agreement. Any transfers will be on a one for one basis.  Next week we plan to send Worldwide

  • CEO/NEO Breaks (EF)
    Date: 19 Apr 2019

    Over the last few days BASSA has been made aware of a lively thread on Facebook about the CEO/NEO aircraft and the need for in-flight rest breaks on arduous flights. On the various Facebook posts it was stated that BASSA ‘did not care’, had been ‘silent’ on the matter and ‘don’t fight for Eurofleet crew.’

  • DEL LHR Temp Arrangement
    Date: 15 Apr 2019

    DEL LHR TEMPORARY ARRANGEMENT. It has now been confirmed that the Pakistan normal airspace will remain closed until further notice. As a result IFCE and BASSA have agreed that an owed MBT will be applied to those crew who have operated from DEL-LHR from the start of S19 schedule (Sunday 30th March.) This is a temporary

  • Pay Talks Latest Update
    Date: 05 Apr 2019
  • Pay Claim Latest
    Date: 30 Mar 2019