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  • Pay Update – Important
    Date: 28 Jun 2019

    Important Pay Update   Date  After eight months of very difficult negotiations with British Airways, Unite can now announce that we have been able to secure what we believe to be a much improved offer. This offer is not only an 11.5% increase on pay, but an additional brand new cash bonus for 2019 of

  • Members Branch Meeting 1/7/19
    Date: 23 Jun 2019

    Members’ Branch Meeting – Monday July 1st SHERATON SKYLINE HOTEL  LONDON HEATHROW BATH ROAD( A4) HAYES, MIDDLESEX UB3 5BP 11:00 START  Please have a copy of, or access to, the minutes of the previous meeting to ensure full participation. Can we remind everyone that all membership will be checked and there is no recording of

  • New Voluntary Working Scheme
    Date: 20 Jun 2019

    Dear Members, Below is a joint communication detailing the new ‘Voluntary Working Scheme”, which has  been agreed between BASSA and IFCE and communicated on ESS. This replaces the Willing to Work process. As you are all aware, BASSA have never been advocates of  ‘ Willing to Work,’ due to there never being an agreed process in place. Thanks to the

  • Your Strike Ballot At British Airways
    Date: 19 Jun 2019
  • Pay Update – Unite
    Date: 12 Jun 2019
  • Pay Update – Latest
    Date: 12 Jun 2019
  • Turbulence OMB 2.16
    Date: 12 Jun 2019

    Unfortunately recently crew have been injured in turbulence onboard aircraft. There is no immediate financial recourse for these incidents, which we are endeavouring to change. There has been an update to the procedures. Please read the whole amendment in OMB 2.16 – however, we would draw your attention to the following:  Unanticipated – Often turbulence is

  • Good Housekeeping
    Date: 12 Jun 2019

    It is important that we have your correct address, phone number and email on file. We might need to contact you, and you don’t want to miss out!  You can check these details by logging into the BASSA website, then click on “About You” which immediately takes you through to the Unite website where you

  • Disruption Agreement In Place
    Date: 02 Jun 2019

    Further to our earlier communication the Worldwide Disruption Agreement has now been implemented. Please refer to section 20 of the Worldwide Agreement to see how this may effect you. You can access the agreement online on the website or BASSA App.  The Disruption Agreement will remain in place until midnight on Monday. Once again we

  • Pay – This is All About YOUR money
    Date: 30 May 2019

    With an industrial action ballot across British Airways imminent, we are entering a critical phase of negotiations. Some progress has been made but not enough. The joint unions remain determined that the ordinary employees of BA share in it’s extraordinary success, because it is undeniable that the success has been built upon your hard work. BALPA will