News, Friday, October 06th, 2017

Dear Sisters and Brothers at Monarch ,

We write on behalf of our 8,100 BASSA members based at Heathrow. We were extremely saddened by the demise of Monarch and the loss of jobs that entailed. We are heartened to see that UNITE legal are pursuing a legal claim against the deplorable manner in which the redundancies took place. We also know that your officer, Paul Bouch and National Secretary, Oliver Richardson will work tirelessly to do the absolute best they can to find suitable employment for all our fellow cabin crew that desire it. Two of our Reps, Nigel Stott and Trudi Lanigan sit on the Executive Council of UNITE and we know they will use that influence to ensure that everything that can be done by UNITE will be done.

It goes without saying that anything that the BASSA branch and its members can do to assist their fellow cabin crew in this time of need we will be only too happy to do so, in any way we can and in any way that is necessary.

All our thoughts are with our sisters and brothers in Monarch,

Sean Beatty- BASSA Branch Chair
Adrian Smith – BASSA Branch Secretary

and most importantly,

All of BASSA’s members