News, Monday, October 02nd, 2017

The work on the BASSA servers has been completed and we are pleased to present to you, the new refreshed BASSA website.

It has been 6 years since we have done major work on the website and the time to refresh it was now. With this new website it will be much easier to access it, reset your password, check your personal details and all your agreements. Also, it will be easier to access it with your smartphone or tablet.

One new thing with this website is that non-members will be able to join BASSA online. If you know someone who is not a member you can help them joining BASSA with your smartphone, tablet or by giving them the BASSA Website address ( Don’t forget if you refer a member to join BASSA, you will receive some shopping vouchers from UNITE. All you need is your UNITE membership number to be on the new application form.

If you have not received an email containing your password please make sure you check your spam/junk folder. You can also reset your password by clicking “Forgotten Password”. If you can’t find the email with a password you can contact me on

Once you have logged in, you can change your password by clicking “Change Password”. Not only you can login using your email address but you can use your staff number (without ‘u’)

Once again, please login to the BASSA website and make sure that your details are correct. Any changes to your personal details can be done by clicking “edit” and login to the Unite Website using your email address and the old BASSA password or alternatively you can email Unite on