New Voluntary Working Scheme

New Voluntary Working Scheme

News, Thursday, June 20th, 2019
Dear Members,

Below is a joint communication detailing the new ‘Voluntary Working Scheme”, which has  been agreed between BASSA and IFCE and communicated on ESS. This replaces the Willing to Work process.

As you are all aware, BASSA have never been advocates of  ‘ Willing to Work,’ due to there never being an agreed process in place. Thanks to the outcome of a recent legal case, and the commitment of two particular members and the reps involved, the whole community will now benefit from an agreed non discriminatory Voluntary Working Scheme.  It can be utilised during times of ‘ unforeseen’ crew shortages. As always BASSA will rely on members’ feedback during this initial 6 month trial. 

To reassure members, this scheme is not going to impact on the current increase in contract pension deal.

Dear Colleagues, 

IFCE and BASSA have jointly developed a new Voluntary Working scheme for Worldwide crew.  This replaces the previous Willing to Work scheme and offers voluntary options to both full time and part time crew. 
This scheme will be activated by Scheduling and is designed to cover unforseen crew shortages for a specific date period.  It offers voluntary options which offer flexibility and choice to crew while also supporting the operational needs of the business. 
Under the new scheme, the following options are available to those who wish to volunteer:
  • Option 1: volunteering to work during part time unavailable days (FL3, FL5, FL7, JOS): colleagues can volunteer to pick up additional trips during their unavailable period and will be paid basic pay, CFP and allowances for any trip worked including MBTR.
  • Option 2: flexibility during 24H Availability – trip flex: where you have a period of 24H availability followed by a trip in your roster, you can volunteer to be flexible to accommodate an alternative or longer trip
  • Option 3: Flexibility during 24H Availability – accrued MBTR: You can only drop the maximum of one MBTR and must maintain a minimum of 2 MBT days off after any rostered trip, subject to also remaining EASA compliant.  (The MBTR will instead be accrued)
More details on each of the above options can be found on the attached.  When the scheme is activated, you can volunteer to work by emailing scheduling or by calling the Scheduling call centre.
This new scheme will be trialled over the next six months to review how well each of the above options work for both colleagues and the business prior to making any decisions about its future use.