Pay – Facts Figures & Opt Outs

Pay – Facts Figures & Opt Outs

News, Tuesday, August 06th, 2019

Pay – Facts Figures & Opt Outs

Above – votes from BASSA members only. Total votes received 6763. Yes – 5843. No – 920. 

For those who enjoy knowing the specifics behind any ballot result, please find below the Scrutineers’ report for the Unite pay ballot. For direct comparison, the figures showing the results of the aggregated ballot element, of which our branch BASSA was part of, as well as the figures specifically just for BASSA voters (above).  It was great to see such a positive endorsement from our members.


The pay deal result has now been formally communicated to BA and will be actioned for payment at the end of this month, this will include both back pay, increase to basic pay and the new bonus. CFP (EHP/London Weighting for ex bmi colleagues) will also increase by the same amount, as per our agreement in November. 


You also have an IMPORTANT email from Angela Williams at BA which outlines the options on how to receive your bonus. The default is cash via payroll, but there is also an option to place this amount into your pension and benefit from the smart contribution process and a potential tax saving. Obviously, this will be dependent on your personal circumstances,earnings and tax liability. If you wish to receive it as cash then there is nothing further to do. 

This pay offer currently covers everyone, in every area and every base within BA. This is an incredible achievement that should be celebrated and was only made possible by each union and each area working together.

Currently, only Management Grade staff and pilots have not received the pay increase offer. No Trade Union has pay bargaining rights for management,  and pilots have opted not to accept the offer. Mixed Fleet did not participate in the cross Unite ballot,  but the offer has also been extended by BA to include them.

BALPA were in court with BA today and their Industrial action ballot has been cleared by the court and they have since opted for further discussion at ACAS .

BASSA has steadfastly remained part of the wider Unite group, as that is what was agreed with the other areas – and we stand by our commitments. It is that collective approach that has ensured the achievement of an historic underpin increase for the lower paid, the inclusion of areas that are either smaller or less able to successfully bargain over pay,  and we are proud of the part we played in helping them do so. A strong bond of solidarity has been formed and this will stand everyone in good stead for our next pay negotiations, which are already just two years away. 

Obviously, we also wish BALPA,  who have opted to no longer be part of the collective, the best of luck with their endeavors on behalf of their membership and Unite will continue to offer full support. 


Thank you for being a member of Unite and for playing your part in supporting your union in achieving such a ground breaking pay offer. For those who question the wisdom of belonging to a trade union and to give some perspective;  this pay increase alone, would pay for your full Unite membership for 10 years or the BASSA part of subs for the next 38 years! 


…Last but not least, we are also pleased that the option to forgo the pay increase is to be extended to those who remain offended by it. No need for them to waste any more energy expressing disgust/outrage on social media – simply contact us via either of our offices and we will assist with the process of you remaining on your current pay.


For everyone else – a huge round of applause for your support as always, without you, none of this would be possible.


Take a bow and Thank You!

Total votes in the aggregated ballot (electronic and postal) from all participating Unite areas.