Pay – This is All About YOUR money

Pay – This is All About YOUR money

News, Thursday, May 30th, 2019

With an industrial action ballot across British Airways imminent, we are entering a critical phase of negotiations. Some progress has been made but not enough.

The joint unions remain determined that the ordinary employees of BA share in it’s extraordinary success, because it is undeniable that the success has been built upon your hard work.

BALPA will undertake a further consultative ballot of their members on the latest offer,  but are strongly recommending that it is rejected. Unite is obviously far larger, the logistics more complicated and at this point in time a similar ballot is impractical. However, a similar indicative process will be carried out via your elected representatives for each area.

British Airways are fully aware of the areas that must be improved and until they are, there is a very real prospect that our airlines centenary year will be overshadowed by an equally historic and unprecedented joint strike action.

Nobody wants this to happen,  but BA has taken its employees’ goodwill for granted for too long. It is time you were treated fairly and that your hard work, loyalty and dedication is  recognised, and in the area that where it matters most: your pay.