Pension and Your Bonus Payment

Pension and Your Bonus Payment

News, Tuesday, August 06th, 2019

The 2019-2021 Pay Deal contains a one-off payment of 1% of Basic Salary, under-pinned at £750.  This therefore applies to all cabin crew and will be included in the August 2019 payroll. It is a pro-rated amount for those working part time. 


If you wish this payment to be paid together with your normal salary you don’t need to do anything.  This payment will be paid in the August payroll and subject to normal Income Tax & National Insurance deductions.  


Your union has managed to arrange the option to allocate this payment directly to your BAPP Pension account, utilising both the tax-efficient Salary Sacrifice system and benefitting from an additional 10% uplift amount paid by BA.  This option can be accessed via “Select – Your Benefits at BA” located on your ESS. 


You can choose between 0% – 100% of the £750, with any amount Salary Sacrificed not subject to Income Tax or National Insurance deductions, while also benefitting from the BA 10% uplift.  


There is a ‘window’ open in Select if you exercise this option called “2019 non-consolidated payment waiver” pictured below (chose the option in the middle) Select how much you want to pay into the pension as a percentage and then check out. 


The closing date to exercise this option is 13/08/19.  


If you have any questions regarding this or any Select issue, you can contact the Select administrators on 020 3435 7876 and press 1, or alternatively visit the BASSA T5 office.