Please act now to support the Fujitsu Fightback

Please act now to support the Fujitsu Fightback

News, Thursday, November 02nd, 2017
Thanks for all the support you have given us so far.

Next Wednesday (8 November) is going to be an important day for our campaign. Fujitsu bosses Tatsuya Tanaka and Duncan Tait will be addressing the Fujitsu Forum trade fair in Munich, which attracts over 12,000 people. Meanwhile Ian Allinson, chair of Unite at Fujitsu, will be having the final hearing over his fake redundancy at Fujitsu’s London HQ.

We are asking all supporters who have Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr accounts to sign up now to our social media “Thunderclap”. If you have more than one account you can sign up once with each. The Thunderclap will send out a message from all participants at 10am on 8 November, so it is vital people sign up before then. The message calls on Fujitsu to recognise unions and stop victimising reps. You can sign up here:

For those of you who can get to London, there will also be a protest before Ian’s hearing and our bosses’ speeches:

8:30 – 10am, Wednesday 8 November
Fujitsu, 22 Baker Street, London, W1U 3BW

There’s a Facebook event for the protest which you can use to invite people and publicise the protest. As most Fujitsu staff will be working at this time, we will be heavily reliant on supporters for this protest.

We’ve updated the dispute page on our web site with all this information, and an updated Appeal For Support leaflet: