Reminder – Social Media

Reminder – Social Media

News, Thursday, August 08th, 2019

It’s been a challenging week to say the least for many of us working at BA. You’ll note we use the word “challenging” when there is no doubt that a more robust word or two could be used instead. 

However we urge our members to remain aware of our employer’s social media guidelines. No matter how bad your day or how you feel about certain events at work, please be mindful when describing any incident relating to your flights, customers and/or other employees within the company –  including senior management. 

No social media site is completely safe, closed, or secret. It is far more useful to send a report to us, complete CITA or AIR (copy us in) than it is to vent on Facebook. 

We remind you not in order to shield our employer from criticism, justified or not, but to protect you from an unnecessarily stressful “chat” in the office.