What’s All This About A Pay Deal? *

What’s All This About A Pay Deal? *

News, Thursday, July 11th, 2019

A large number of members have already voted in the consultative ballot. Quite a few of you have not got round to it yet –  so PLEASE do take a moment to have YOUR SAY. 


Your pay ballot was sent to you by email last Monday from bapayballot@unitetheunion.org

If you cannot find it just have a quick look in your junk/spam folder and only then email us at office@bassa.co.uk

The ballot closes midday on the 22nd July

A quick reminder of the main points of the pay offer: 


  • Year 1 (2019) – 4% increase to basic pay (and associated ancillary items) with an underpin of £700 (pro-rated for part time colleagues)
  • Year 2 (2020) – 3.5% increase to basic pay (and associated ancillary items) with an underpin of £650 (pro-rated for part time colleagues)
  • Year 3 (2021) – 4% increase to basic pay (and associated ancillary items) from 01 April 2021 with an underpin of £700 (pro-rated for part time colleagues)
  • A one-off non-consolidated, non-pensionable payment of £750 (pro-rated for part time colleagues). It is anticipated that this payment would be made in the August payroll subject to positive ballot of acceptance by the membership.         
  • Introduction of a new Gain Share opportunity for all areasreplacing PODBS.  (Pilots Only Deferred Bonus Scheme)
  • An enhanced ‘All Colleague Bonus Scheme’ for 2020 and 2021

Remember this is a deal offered for ALL Unite (and GMB) Members, so some of the language can be quite general such as “ancillary items” mentioned above. For us, that means CFP or EHP for our ex bmi colleagues. For ground staff, engineers etc it might mean something else,  because most areas have ancillary items – usually negotiated by their union! 

CFP will  increase from November 2019 by the same rate and then again in 2020 and 2021 respectively, along with London weighting and elapsed hourly rate for former bmi colleagues.

We hope that clarifies the matter for those of you expressing doubt. We have been taking many calls and emails into the office and one thing we’ve noticed is that the occasional member voting NO has either not read the previous emails, or made an incorrect assumption or perhaps just a misunderstanding. So before you vote – if there’s anything you are uncertain about PLEASE call or email your reps, and we’ll help explain. Please also take time to read the several Pay Offer emails sent to you. They may be lurking in your junk/spam, but you’ll find them all on the BASSA website. 

Finally,  some of you have been asking for our high tech graphic showing how much this deal is worth to YOU, so we happily reproduce it here. Remember, it doesn’t include items such as the £750 bonus – it’s simply the effect the deal will have on your basic pay. 

* Overheard this morning on a crew bus. Don’t be this person (bless them