When Is A CSL Not A CSL?

When Is A CSL Not A CSL?

Worldwide, Friday, March 01st, 2019

When Is A CSL Not A CSL? 

The additional CSL trial has commenced. However due to a scheduling error, the DEL flight will not have the additional CSL until your April rosters. The company have drawn up the additional CSL Matrix, hence BASSA took it as read that there would be fixed CSL working positions on these specific routes. IFCE seem to have a differing opinion.  IFCE stated in their email:   “We believe the biggest difference the CSL can make to our customer satisfaction is to be visible and present in the cabin where they can observe and react in a timely way to any customer queries, requests or complaints. They can also observe our Main Crew performance, leading to a meaningful IFA.”

IFCE are saying as the additional CSL is only a temporary position (previously operated by Main Crew) they are refusing to pay the working up payment, thus ignoring  8.2.1 of the WW agreement (Working Up Main Crew.)

As a result your reps have registered a Failure to Agree. BASSA believe this is a breach of the WW Agreement. The fact remains temporary or not,  it is either a CSL position or it is not! We have already registered Failure to Agree over the imposition of the  routes and IFCE’s choice of working position.

Still Willing to Work?

Willing to Work was recently used, despite it never being agreed, and a recent tribunal finding that in part the Willing To Work  process is deemed to be discriminatory to part time workers. BASSA has registered a Failure to Agree over the continued use of this process.